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Link and Zelda redraw by GryffindorGurl Link and Zelda redraw :icongryffindorgurl:GryffindorGurl 0 0 Fionna by GryffindorGurl Fionna :icongryffindorgurl:GryffindorGurl 0 0 Art Meme by GryffindorGurl Art Meme :icongryffindorgurl:GryffindorGurl 1 4 Tablet meme by GryffindorGurl Tablet meme :icongryffindorgurl:GryffindorGurl 0 0 HP meme 2 by GryffindorGurl HP meme 2 :icongryffindorgurl:GryffindorGurl 1 3 HP meme by GryffindorGurl HP meme :icongryffindorgurl:GryffindorGurl 0 0


March of the Spirit Bears by sebreg March of the Spirit Bears :iconsebreg:sebreg 745 37 Be Weird by sebreg Be Weird :iconsebreg:sebreg 758 54 Adventure Time by TomPreston Adventure Time :icontompreston:TomPreston 5,980 722 Adventure Time: Trust Me by KirscheAnder Adventure Time: Trust Me :iconkirscheander:KirscheAnder 5,516 857 Picnic with Papa by sebreg Picnic with Papa :iconsebreg:sebreg 781 71 Dreams of Elysium by AnnMarieBone Dreams of Elysium :iconannmariebone:AnnMarieBone 13,759 1,430 Headphones by sebreg Headphones :iconsebreg:sebreg 1,322 65
Phan: Bully Me [Part 1]
The alarm rang and he groaned loudly, pressing his face into the pillow as it continued to play its annoying tune, attempting to wake him from his slumber. He pressed the snooze button, snuggling back down into the warm covers before groaning again; he was awake.
Rolling out of bed, he struggled to remove the heavy duvet from his tired body, his groggy mind only half aware as he went through the usual morning routine; walking into the bathroom and climbing into the shower, he hummed the tune to The Lion King and washed himself, soon stepping out of the shower and draping himself in a towel before going downstairs to make himself a quick breakfast.
Finishing his meal, he returned back up the stairs and to his bedroom, closing the door behind him and beginning to dry his hair, brushing and straightening the brown curls into straight locks. He placed his black and white studs into his ears and pulled on his black skinny jeans, doing a slight dance to manoeuvre his way into the fabr
:iconrainbowrandomness:RainbowRandomness 92 108
Scarf :Rainy Day: by RainbowRandomness Scarf :Rainy Day: :iconrainbowrandomness:RainbowRandomness 4 11
Teddy Bear 1
Tom saw the two boys sitting cuddled up next to each other on the couch. Ed looked like a huge teddy bear next to the slim Charlie. The younger boy rested his head on his boyfriend's shoulder and Ed had his arm around the other boy. They were watching reruns of Doctor Who, and of coursed they had asked Tom if he wanted to join them.
"Nah, I have song lyrics to finish" he excused himself.
But he didn't feel like sitting alone in his room, so he was now sitting by the kitchen table, where he could see his two friends on the couch. He regretted his choice, but as much as he wanted to leave, he wanted to stay.
Because all he wanted to do was to push Charlie away from Ed and take his place. Why didn't they see how jealous Tom was? Wasn't it obvious? He wanted Ed. He wanted Ed to hold him like he held Charlie right now and he wanted him to kiss him goodnight. He wanted Ed to be his teddy bear. Fucking Charlie didn't deserve him. Who had always been there for Ed when he was sad? Tom. Who made
:iconthatswedishgirl:ThatSwedishGirl 7 22
The Last Concert
Alex walked fast. It was late in the afternoon and he wanted to be there as fast as he could.
He was going to see Tom. Tom Milsom, the now world wide famous musician. It all happened so fast. Suddenly, his YouTube audience grew and his music was being played on almost every radio station in the world.
And then he was going on a world tour that would last for a year. Alex had been devastated when Tom told him. He loved the young blue haired man, more than he should. He had been collecting courage and was finally brave enough to tell him how he felt, but now he wouldn't get the chance. Tom left, and they lost contact. Tom was too busy with his new life. Alex read about him in all the celebrity magazines, saw all the pictures of him leaving airports, surrounded by fans. Pictures of him walking down the street with a big guy in a black suit and sunglasses next to him. It wasn't the Tom he used to know. But his music was still the same, and Alex understood why the world loved Tom so much. H
:iconthatswedishgirl:ThatSwedishGirl 19 56
Changes 1
Ed was sitting on the bench, the old one under the big oak tree standing in the middle of the schoolyard. From this position, he could see everything that happened, and most important; if anybody was walking towards him. If he saw them in time, he could walk away before they reached him. And by 'them' he meant Charlie McDonnell and his friends.
Ed was an outsider. The bullied, fat kid in the class. Nobody ever spoke to him except for insulting him, of course. Everyone in his class acted this way, but McDonnell was the worst. Together with his friends Alex Day and Tom Milsom. Ed thought it was weird that Tom was accepted, being so different with his blue hair and everything. Ed didn't stand out like that at all, he tried to smelt in as much as he could. But still, there was something wrong with him. Charlie was loved by everyone; all the boys wanted to be like him and the girls wanted to date him. He didn't go out with anyone though. And they all knew why; he was too good for them.
:iconthatswedishgirl:ThatSwedishGirl 13 43
Steampunk Goggles: A Tutorial by FenrisDesigns Steampunk Goggles: A Tutorial :iconfenrisdesigns:FenrisDesigns 13,918 1,517
Paper Cuts - Phan
Title: Paper Cuts
Pairing: Phan
Author: EmzSwigglez
Genre: Angst
Rating: 12?
Warnings: Selfharm
Disclaimer: I (sadly) do not own Dan/Phil!
Saying the atmosphere wasn't awkward would be lying.
I sat, breathing heavily, watching him stare down at the words roughly scratched over the paper. The thin, delicate paper that I'd given my feelings up to, every second of emotions was there.
The paper was inside a book. A diary. My diary. My haven.
He was looking in on my tragic world, where I wasn't the awkward boy standing in the corner. I was the main subject, the sob story, the blazing sun in the depth of night.
Daniel gradually moved his glance up towards me. I had no idea what he'd just read.
We'd been sat cross-legged on the floor facing eachother for an hour. My diary had fell from my pocket when I'd returned back to our shared dorm.
Dan didn't like me. He'd told me many a time of how he'd prefer to be with Tom and Charlie down the hall.
I was the tragic, silhouette taking up his e
:iconemzswigglez:EmzSwigglez 460 369


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So technically, no one will read this. So instead of a blank space I insert these words.


If you read this congratulations! I award you with an internet hug. Yay!


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